Bouncing Back

I’d like to believe this feeling I’m having now is going to last. I’ve been given what feels like a second chance. For most of 2006, I’ve been sick at a low-grade enough level where I could continue to work but it was clear something was wrong. A regular fever, almost constant headaches and a sense of fatigue that I couldn’t shake. And lots and lots of colds and such. I was crankier than normal (sorry to all of you to faced that) and struggling.
Some time in the fall my CEO group “boarded” my topic and got me to see it was serious which led to a series of doctors’ appointments. Western medicine, eastern medicine, generalists and specialists. The word Tumor came up more than I care to recall.
And it seems like (assuming final results confirm what the early results show) that I “will live”. I am returned to my life flooded with gratitude for that which I have, a refreshed love for the life, and relationships, and gifts I have.
Let me not forget that health is never something to be taken for granted. Not just the absence of illness but the presence of health.
And let this feeling of gratitude for the simple things guide me going forward.
There. By recording it here, you can help me remember.

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  1. Mike Rohde. February 6, 2007 at 3:17 pm  |  

    Wow, Nilofer, I had no idea! I do hope you recover as fully as possible. It seemed this shift in your life has provided some good perspective if anything.
    My mother-in-law just had a stroke over the weekend, which reminded me just how short life is, how fragine health can be, but also how amazing the bodies and spirits can be.
    Thanks so much for sharing.


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