Being Alone: Aaah So Needed

(Like so many before me who have learned this… I am passing it along…)
I need to, nay scratch that — I will learn to take time out and be alone to listen to my own voice. I just spent the weekend taking a break from work, and its many responsibilities AND home with its many tasks and interactions. And I come back to be more engaged and clear. And a better leader, I hope.
And while I was gone, I read this:

“We, who are so schooled in the art of listening to the voices of others, can often hear our own voice only when we are alone… For many women, the first choice, then is to give ourselves the necessary time and space in which to renew our acquaintenance with our lost voice, to learn to recognize it, and to rejoice as we hear it express our Truth.”

This is from Florence Falk, in her new book “On my own: The Art of Being a Woman Alone.”

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