I had a new experience. I went to a bookstore and didn’t buy a thing. I didn’t think that was possible. Perhaps I have a fever? Or, did I forget my wallet?
Naah, I just feel that having about 30 books that I haven’t read gives me a little room to stop. Or, at least slow down. Julie, Lauralee, Curt, Marsha and many others have been contributing to said pile-o-books. Oh, and I have too.
But it got me thinking about books. And, my love of them. So wanted to share these great sites for us book-o-philes…
Connect myspace-style to reveal movie quotes and favorite bands so others can critique, comment, and connect.
Connects book lovers with independent bookstores who can make sure you support local buying. Remember that while Amazon is a great resource, local stores that create an experience that lets you love books is close by. In our area, Kepler’s is the absolute Mecca.
Book Crossing
A really unique community site that allows you to “track” books released into the world. So when you can’t travel, your book can. And people can hunt, comment and generally show their absolute love of books. Julie turned me onto this one a while ago. Very cool.
The netflix of books. So perhaps, if you love books but want to limit expenditures, you can return books after you’re done. Seems like such a good idea. But I don’t think I’ll be that person. I love to hold onto books. I still have some from Junior-high (when I could afford my first ones). Every time I mention culling our collection to create more room, gasps fill the house. You’d think I was referencing murdering or something crazy.

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