What did I learn on vacation?

I went on vacation a while back and have been processing still on what I learned.
Lisbon and London are beautiful. Sintra and Obidos places that truly deserve to be on the list of 1,000 places to see before you die.
But the thing I learned.
Know what you need and manage for that.
I know I need quiet and downtime. My day-to-day job is focused on accomodating, adjusting, listening acutely, and being highly attentive to the people who need me to be there for them and their businesses. During vacation, I need to be without agenda, without coordination. I learned that for sure this trip.
Sorry for being so offline for so long. I should have been like Nicolas and announced it before I took off. I just never meant to be offline for so long. But I have a bunch (and I do mean, a bunch!) of ideas brewing that must be let out soon.

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