Something New for Carly Fiorina

From Cision regarding the Fox Business Network announcement of earlier this month:

“Fox Business Network snags former CEO
Posted on: 10/10/2007

Fox Business Network, the soon-to-debut cable and satellite news channel, has signed Carly Fiorina as a contributor. A highly recognizable business leader, Fiorina is the former CEO of computer and printer maker Hewlett-Packard Co. She served the company for six years. She has also worked for AT&T Corporation and Lucent Technologies. For more information, call 212-301-3000.”

What kind of strategic move is at work here? This is both an ending and a beginning. It’s hard to come up with a prior instance of a CEO who joins a news organization, then finds their way back to the C-suite. While I congratulate Carly on her new position, I’m also puzzled about what it means. We’ve all heard rumblings in the past about her political potential. I’ve seen her speak in large venues and small — I’ll testify to her charisma and power as a speaker. And she’s a Republican, so the Fox Business Network would seem a perfect partnership. Is it possible we’ll see Fiorina’s name on a ballot within the next couple of years? Stay tuned. Whatever happens, I’ll definitely be watching the next act.

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