Art of Innovation

My hero. Every time I read an article about Ideo, read their book, read an article about them, I get goose bumps. Ideo is to Innovation what I aspire Rubicon to be for Business Strategy. Tom Kelley, one of the founders of Ideo wrote down ideas and systems for allowing innovation. Since you’ve all touched something Ideo has created, you’ve seen their work upclose. For example: Amazon’s experience was originally modeled by Ideo. Sephora’s customer experience also Ideo. The Palm Pilot = Ideo. The recent Bank of America campaign to “keep the change”. Ideo. I could go on. It’s a wonderful way to share their secret formula that let them step about the fray of other design firms. They use an ensemble strategy much like Rubicon. I give away copies of his book at almost every talk I give. If your job is to figure out how to find new markets, create new experiences and ultimately “innovate” on behalf of your company, this should become your gospel.

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