Good to Great

I couldn’t start this library section without talking about Good to Great. Jim Collins writes this book to define the ways good organizations can become great. He led a team and did a bunch of research to back this up. This book has formed some fundamentals in business. One is the hedgehog concept. Which is a concentric set of circles that forms the basis of any winning enterprise: ways to make money + passion + something that is compelling.
The group I’m working with (tentatively called Success U) got a group of 100+ entrepreneurs together and made the first assignment the hedgehog. It’s interesting to think about but Google says they don’t worry about making money so they’ve “just” focused on the other two elements. The other “big idea” that is a must-know: Level Five leadership. A way of characterizing the humble, servant leader that makes it cool to be this way. It’s not common, but a good friend of mine, David Rothenberg is a level 5 leader and I’m proud to know him.

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