Michele Had Passion but how to capture it?

A friend of mine passed away recently. It was one of those unexpected and out of the blue things that when it happens, it can be said that ‘that happened too early’. A brain aneurysm. On Oscar day. One minute, she was jovially getting ready for the evening party around movies and fashion. And a very minutes later, she was gone. It got me thinking about the lives we lead, the trail we leave behind, the small and insignificant things that meant something to someone along the way. We should all be so lucky as to have had this friend’s life. An artist. A dear artist who embodied creativity and Passion.
In our offices, we have a few pieces of her art. And now I wish I hadn’t listen to her and bought more of her pieces. But she thought I had too many already and she wanted me to build a broad and interesting contemporary art collection. She cared. More about me at times than her. But she was not one of those incredibly successful artists in the way that we think of elite players. She was one of us. Michele Scott, a person who loved her gift and shared it freely. It never even occurred to her to play the game any different.
I’m giving a talk on passion and how to “unleash you” in a few days. And I’m a bit stumped on how to start. Passion seems like something that is so “there” when it’s there, and so “not there” when it’s not. So how to anchor a talk on Passion?
Wish me luck on this one. I wish Michele was here so I could call her. She’d surely have some advice for me.

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