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EA’s Collaboration for Growth

The gaming industry certainly has been getting a lot of attention, especially with new entrants like Zynga creating wide-spread buzz and adoption. Add to that the iPAD and mobile gaming phenomena, and you know that traditional style game companies have to be thinking about how to compete in this new landscape. The execs at EA  More

What Now?

When change comes a knocking, what do you do?  I got a disturbing letter on Friday that shifted my world. Things would never be the same as a key member of my community moves on to a new role; the organization involved could suffer, it might grow, but for sure it will be …changed. Change  More

Using Past to Design Future

Nokia keeps doing its analysis and strategic planning and ending up with answers that suggest “stay the course” or “do more of the same”. It reminds me of GM circa 2004 and how they kept building big-ass cars the size of boats and then were “surprised” by the market wanting small cars. By 2008, they  More

Toyota’s Dysfunction

When you go slow, it could be you’re being thoughtful or considered, but more often than not, you are waiting for some one else to make a decision. In the case of Toyota’s recent and public failure, it took years for this issue to come to bear and get decided.  The company knew the problem  More

Competing With Adobe, Apple

When a company like Apple launches a sexy new product (iPad), one can react (Amazon) or get caught flat-footed (Adobe). It’s easy to look at today’s market situation and say who’s winning or losing. The more interesting conversation is to determine what someone can do to compete or take advantage of this changed topography. That’s  More

Smartphones as Appliances

The growth of the mobile data marketplace is one of the bright spots for business in the current recession. Mobile carriers report increasing demand for data services, and Apple and Research in Motion both reported strong earnings aided by sales of their smartphone products.