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Some stories about Nilofer and the path she’s walking.

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The Moniker

“Are you a corporate spy, or something?” This was the first question from the audience as I began an innovation workshop at a Boston firm. “No,” I said, “I’m not a corporate spy.” After all, I was there to help them. “Well, then,” she asked… “Why the “Jane Bond” reference in your Bio?” Ah, yes,  More

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Recognition & Lists – Do they matter?

Today, on this Monday, it took four minutes to take a deep breath, brush teeth, grab the java, and immerse into the Internet. The email on top of the list was entitled, “25 Of The Smartest Women On Twitter | Fast Company | Business + Innovation”. This said: Nilofer, Congratulations. Of course, like any list,  More

Having a Body Double & So On

Hey there, and happy summer. I’ve been abnormally quiet on the writing front, for a variety of reasons. Certainly, speaking has been incredibly demanding, yet rewarding. I was touched by the conversations within the financial community when I did the opening keynote at the Fund Forum International in Monaco. (Being in Monaco was pretty awesome,  More

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The “Trick” to Calm Your Speaker Nerves

Lift one corner of your mouth up. Then lift the other corner up. There. You have it. An asana, or pose, for how to face the world. It’s also the “trick” speakers use to connect. Earlier this week, I shared with you the backstage story of nervousness just as I was about to give my  More

"god shot" view of Nilofer Merchant speaking at TED2013 releases talk on Walkntalks

The “Sitting is the Smoking our Generation” TEDtalk airs today on! I can hardly believe it. People always wonder if speakers are nervous. The question is, with enough practice, does this level of professional speaking ever get easy? I myself have had that question, wondering if I was “the only one” who got super  More