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Some stories about Nilofer and the path she’s walking.

And The Winner is…..

As the envelope was being ripped into, I was staring at the table linen and preparing to applaud one of the others who had been short-listed for the Thinkers50 Award for “Future Thinker”. But then they called out, “Nilofer Merchant”. A friend across the table said that my eyes shot straight up in praise and  More

It’s Alive

A while ago, my website kept failing. The song “london bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down” used to play in my head. Some of you have sent late-night emails saying you were surprised to learn about one thing or another on the webosphere, but not here, because I wasn’t organizing things well …  More

Unanswered Questions to Ponder

The front yard roses may still bloom but, these days, they are covered in frost.  Summer bloomed with such intensity that I was sure loads would get crossed-off the list. Now, as we’re approach mid-October, projects started in May are just now coming to fruition. I think each has been worth the wait. But I’ll  More

The Moniker

“Are you a corporate spy, or something?” This was the first question from the audience as I began an innovation workshop at a Boston firm. “No,” I said, “I’m not a corporate spy.” After all, I was there to help them. “Well, then,” she asked… “Why the “Jane Bond” reference in your Bio?” Ah, yes,  More

Recognition & Lists – Do they matter?

Today, on this Monday, it took four minutes to take a deep breath, brush teeth, grab the java, and immerse into the Internet. The email on top of the list was entitled, “25 Of The Smartest Women On Twitter | Fast Company | Business + Innovation”. This said: Nilofer, Congratulations. Of course, like any list,  More

Having a Body Double & So On

Hey there, and happy summer. I’ve been abnormally quiet on the writing front, for a variety of reasons. Certainly, speaking has been incredibly demanding, yet rewarding. I was touched by the conversations within the financial community when I did the opening keynote at the Fund Forum International in Monaco. (Being in Monaco was pretty awesome,  More