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On Bias and How it Affects Onlyness

A father and his son are in a car accident. The father is killed, and the son is seriously injured. The son is taken to the hospital where the surgeon says, ‘I cannot operate, because this boy is my son.’ This was the old fable used by Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg’s in the New  More

Arab Spring 2011

Why I Still Believe in the Arab Spring

In early 2011, the Arab world erupted in protests. You probably remember it, remembering hearing about the Twitter storm. It seemed like the world would never be the same again. But, what looked like ordinary people taking power “back” didn’t amount to much change. And, now, as you look at issues around the world, from  More


About this time of year, to the chagrin of my family, I start humming (or even worse, singing) the Julie Andrew’s song, “a few of my favorite things”. Like a never-ending loop of corny. And as much as I love “snowflakes that stay on my eyes and eyelashes”, it offers little guidance to do some  More

HouseKeeping Time

Did you know that Google intends to shut down access to Feedburner’s APIs on October 20? A banner note on the Google Developers Feedburner API page makes that intent clear, so it was time for us to update our tools over at This means you have action items. My web advisor, Todd Lohenry of  More


Go Where No One Else Is

Thedailybeast Wed, Jan 11 2012 20:47:57 Whitney Johnson, a partner at Clayton Christensen’s investment firm wrote a powerful piece in 2011 uniquely captured why pursuing a disruptive course is the best investment you can make. “ Throw out the performance metrics you’ve always relied on “A disruptive innovation must measure different attributes of performance than  More