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What Is It You Are Curious About?

Last night, I participated in an event at “the Family“, a startup incubator based in Paris, which is aiming to form an “unfair advantage” for startups in France. A “revolution” of sorts, by bottoms up actions. One question I was asked was what I’ve learned in my 20+ year career of working with some of  More

Putting the Power of Connection to Work

Through onlyness, we celebrate that which only we can bring to a situation. And while it is the starting point of how extraordinary value gets created, it is not the complete picture. To complete the picture, we must understand also that, today, value comes from connected individuals. The most central tenant of the Social Era  More

Ingredients of Workplace Happiness

Inspired by reading the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, I asked a series of questions on Friday about workplace happiness. I used happiness as a shortcut word for a place where people can be fully alive and thrive. Too many organizations still do strategy in the corner offices and innovation in a specific department as  More

Know Yourself

What is the essence of your character? Said differently, what matters to you? This isn’t just a touchy-feely question, it’s the bedrock that describes who you are. What is deeply felt and has meaning for you will ultimately inspire you to do your best work. Until we understand that essence, we are unable to guide  More

Three Cups of Tea

Just finished this book about a month ago. It hasn’t left my consciousness. Greg Mortenson (a local guy in the Bay Area) tries to summit Everest and fails. The guy who helps him nurse back to health was awesome. Greg feels a bond of debt and promises to help this guy’s village. They need a  More

SCU Talk

There’s a great conference that the SCU does every year. I’ve wanted to actually go and participate because of the range of topics and speaker quality. A client of mine went years ago and told me how much she loved. So a couple weeks ago, I got asked to do the keynote. I’m so psyched  More