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The Why Of Meetings

Let me just say what all of us believe: meetings suck. Yet we’re all going to meetings. For most of us, meetings get in the way of us getting actual work done. Often, meetings are not helping us move the ball forward. Even though brilliant folks like Gina Trapani and Chris Brogan have talked about  More

Lessons Learned

I constantly remind myself to learn. No matter what the experience, how tough or how painful, if I’ve learned something from it, I can live with it. If I pay attention to what I’m learning, I actually learn more. When I work to incorporate those lessons into the next meeting, the next experience, the next  More

Strategy vs. Truth

What happens inside an employee when strategy doesn’t jive with what they know to be truth? In a millisecond, a string of questions unwinds. Questions like: Do they expect me to say something? Will I get in trouble if I say something? Will I get in trouble later if I don’t say something? Is talking  More