Lessons Learned

I constantly remind myself to learn. No matter what the experience, how tough or how painful, if I’ve learned something from it, I can live with it. If I pay attention to what I’m learning, I actually learn more. When I work to incorporate those lessons into the next meeting, the next experience, the next version of the document, then I get better. If I am being present to what is going on, I can benefit more from the experience. It keeps me from operating out of old patterns, or out of fear.

Sometimes I think I don’t know what I’m going to learn. And that’s when I learn to focus on the questions. When you need to know more – ask. Then ask again. Even when you don’t think you need to know more – ask. There’s always something that’s been missed – and the lesson in life is to find both the next question, and the next answer. Particularly when you’re feeling that you’re in a cave without a flashlight, keep going forward by asking questions and taking action. Asking questions is a great way to silence doubt.

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