Life Caching: Opportunity or Just Another Blog?

Why would someone want to video, record, or photograph everything that happened to them and/or their friends on a particular day, or any day, for that matter? Perhaps the best answer is simply because they can. Similar to the 70’s slide shows of “Dad packing the car”, but with a digital twist, the abundance of gadgets, Web sites, and software specifically designed and focused to easily record, document, organize and store all of life’s moments, it’s no wonder that everyday activities, no matter how mundane, are being recorded as if they are Oscar winning moments., a leading Web source for the latest trends and insights who also dubbed this trend as “Life Caching”, put it best when they said, “Human beings love to collect and store possessions, memories, experiences, in order to create personal histories, mementoes of their lives, or just to keep track for practical reasons.”
“Life Caching”, it appears, is here to stay, and some believe we have not even begun to realize the impact of this trend, from both a personal and business perspective. Although a number of leading software and hardware companies offer products specifically designed to “Life Cache” (Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft), it is not readily apparent how the overwhelming amount of information can or should be leveraged from a commercial standpoint. Therefore, perhaps the bigger questions is if there is a business opportunity beyond creating products and services for Life Caching, but for the actual content resulting from Life Caching.

Thought To Consider

– Maybe the next great movie idea or product concept is stored on some unsuspecting consumer’s phone, or PDA. If so, how can you leverage it?

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