Sequoia VC Evangelizes ‘AskJeeves Meets Google’ Market Trend

Mark Kvamme, one of the true blue-bloods of Silicon Valley, recently shared his take on what will fuel the next wave of technology innovations. Mark, as some of you might know is the former CEO of CKS, and is a current partner at Sequoia Capital, focusing on the same markets as Rubicon, the Software and Services space.
His premise is this: content will drive the next wave of technology innovation, because organizations fail to access 90% of the content in their organization. Think about it: 90% is inaccessible because it’s stored on people’s individual hard drives in excel spreadsheets, JPGs, Word docs and PDFs. The implications for repetition, lost insights, speed to market, missed opportunities are countless. Given the inherent value of most content, Sequoia is banking that the next wave of the enterprise software market will go to those that can convert, query, manipulate and communicate that data in ways that really make sense. This puts specifics on the business value and the driving need to establish and deploy XML and Xquery standards.
This direction will prove challenging for those vendors who focus on proprietary standards and associating value with how things look. What becomes more important is access to data — intelligent access — in ways that makes sense for the user, creating more value and more efficiency. Certainly the vendors he plugs as representing this new wave are well served by Kvamme. One company, Mark Logic (no relationship to Mark besides his role as key funder), should be a must see stop on new market trends.

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