Raising Entrepreneurs

An article in the December 2005, Inc Magazine talked about how to raise entrepreneurs. Here are a few great ideas that can be applied to kids or ourselves.

  1. Don’t compete, create. Teaching kids to rate themselves against others doesn’t create an entrepreneur or leader. It creates a company man. It’s healthier to trade with someone than defeat him, and easier too.
  2. Recognize opportunity. Have kids record hobbies, interests, skills and passions on the left side of a T-chart. Then derive a business idea from each. Repeat for family and friends’ interests. Each of us has gifts; the key is to find them and use them.
  3. Positive attitude is everything. Teach them to never take rejection personally. Show them that with distance comes perspective and that one can always learn from mistakes. They can learn things today or learn them later but if they take the approach of learning positively, they will only get better with age.

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