Community is what we all seek

Just finished a book, Plainsong, that my stepdaughter lent me. It’s an interesting story of 2 brother farmers, a pregnant high-schooler, two young boys deserted by their mother, and so on. Good book and well written. The richness of the text brought the smells, sounds and sights to life. Each story was a series of people going through their life effectively existing but not really living. And without much love and grace.
The thing that sticks with me is that all people seek community. Wherever we are in our lives, we want to be in a place where we connect in an authentic way.
It’s that connection that great companies can enable. I believe that. I really do. It’s probably why I like helping good companies be great.
For example: Starbucks is not successful because of their coffee, but because they create an environment of warm gold-tone walls, and casual and comfortable purple couches, with rich lighting fixtures of copper and burgundy. It feels like being in a well-cared for, creative home. Where you can hang with friends or colleagues and engage in a real way.
Whatever you do, look at what you can do to enable this kind of connection.

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