Why company blogging really makes sense

In these days where execs get so far removed from consumers that the only time they see them is when they are behind the glass walls of a focus group forum, I think blogging really makes sense.
With it, businesses can enable consumers to talk with real people at the company, tell their own stories, have you hear their stories. People long to be heard, and companies are getting way too stuck in their own myopia.
Remember that early markets were community gathering spots. People went to temple, bought some game, exchanged some grain, and went back home. They fundamentally were an exchange, not just a transaction. Markets today have gotten cold and distant so the connection is done through many intermediaries. The passion, the connection needs to return. And that’s why company blogs make sense.

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  1. Whith so many online companies trying to distinguish themselves from their competitors in the same space, user communication is critical in helping a company separate itself from the pack. Blogs go a long way towards facilitating this communication. Rather than being cold and distant, they’re personal, direct, and can help create a community that will set a company apart from the others.
    Personally, I like company blogging because it gives me a chance to add a personality and a beating heart to a company that could otherwise be perceived as monolithic and untouchable. Plus, it’s fun!

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