What’s Next for Technology Innovation in the Valley

Wanted to share with you an article that captures the fundamental shift in the technology innovation model.
Some people call this shift ‘atomized’ software development. With AJAX (a new form of development using Javascript and XML), weaving together applications is more ‘cut and paste’. This enables the weaving together of interesting capabilities between programs. A buzz word in the valley for this is ‘mashups’, meaning mashing up two usages that add more value together. Think of the Reese’s peanut butter cup ad, but for technology.
Fundamentally, the component model is also interesting because it allows a developer to add capabilities easier and create new ones from scratch to build on top of other work. That would imply to me that the one who has the best developer model could win. Now watch that play out: Google has it with web search and maps and advertising. Yahoo with photo storage. Microsoft with Windows Live. Adobe with Flash.

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