Blurred at Web 2.0 Summit

Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley is the only speaker I know that can get away with delivering slide content in such a fast pace that not only can you barely follow, but you can barely connect notes. But she is kind enough to provide the link to the full slides.
Some key points she raised during her talk with my commentary:
#1. “Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Japan/Yahoo, Amazon account for the top 5 global internet leaders.” Google of course is the market value driver. Interestingly they all have different business models: Advertising, Content/Advertising, Commerce Platform, and ECommerce Engine. My question / comment is what will be the next business model to catch fire. I believe that it’s the one that can help the major brands behind each of these businesses to create a customer experience with their brand, such as integrated media management across platforms.
#2: “Approximately 2% of all public tech companies create close to 100% of the wealth.” I’m also aware that of any industry, only 2 of 100 companies after 10 years live on their own. Most get eaten or beaten. The key is to figure out what you can do to get eaten or exist as a larger scale entity. Partnerships and scale seem key. In the web 2.0 era, it is also about being a “platform”. See related ideas on developer strategy.
#3: “Yahoo has the greatest # of users at 418MM unique monthly users.” This came up with in other sessions at the web 2.0 summit. So the key is whether Yahoo can improve their business model to monetize all their users beyond news.
#4: Advertising continues online growth track. Efficiency driven by Google to enable everyone to be an advertiser will continue that trajectory. My guess is that majority of the upcoming growth is the major brands weighing in with both feet. “8% of total US advertising is done online. Estimated 70% growth of that number within 5 years.” Those that can monetize brand consistency (not just text based advertising), or increase relevancy to the advertising will make money on it.
#5: Video is where the next wave of $$ (aka monetization) exists. “80% of internet traffic is unmonetized (often, copyright violating) video traffic.” This will only grow and those that can make money off of it (aka the Apple IPOD business model) will be the higher growers.
#6: Check out the top 15 properties online: MSFT, Yahoo, Google, Ebay, Time, Wikipedia, Amazon, Fox, Ask, Adobe, Apple, Lycos, CNet, YouTube (now Google) and Viacom. Any surprises for you?
#7. “Mobile is entering the adoption sweet spot in 2007”. The market is finally ready with a broad enough pipe, and now the data services available. Interestingly enough, I don’t believe the mobile play is about hardware devices or even the carriers (while they keep trying) but about the services and content available on the web and via portals. If someone can get the available apps and solutions known to the users, this market will really skyrocket. Also, there is some ability to now do advertising with a code in the physical world to enable mobile users to transact anywhere anytime. I believe this will only grow, and thus bring shopping up to a new level via mobile. I’m also thinking Enterprise has to take advantage of mobile now that the pipe is big enough to support commercial business.
#8: “Effective editing of video will become more important.” – e.g. Yahoo’s The 9. Or Apple’s Professional and Motion product, or Adobe’s video solutions. As Video grows, so will Apple, Adobe, and possibly Avid’s business in this realm. Look at seeing segmentation for the home user, pro user and commercial application.
#9. “Only 13% of top 15 online retailers are pure internet plays (Amazon is #1)”. No one predicted this in the last boom. So look at media companies to enter the online music and video markets more aggressively. They’re poised to take part of this market now. Especially if the Fox, etc sponsorships of the Web 2.0 Summit are an example of their next moves.
#10. “The younger generation migration habits are driving internet growth and where monetization habits”. Pay attention to what your kids or neighbor’s kids are doing online and you’ll have an indicator of what’s next.

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