Web 3.0 & the Real Market Requirement

You know the really cool thing about a summit full of smart people is that it causes a dialogue in the room and online. So what’s next on the consumer market front?
Check out this article and the related Carr article which I loved when I read it last night.
Also, emailing with Gibu Thomas, CEO of Sharpcast, reminds me that the central customer requirement being tackled today is “information-everywhere”. If that is the fundamental truth (aka key requirement in the consumer market), then the things that follow are:
– Every online service has to be “open” so data isn’t locked up. No more proprietary formats.
– File synchronization is a must have. Gibu points out that his company produces Hummingbird, and in my earlier blog entry, I thought Omnidrive was the only one that showed a entirely new solution. I missed his point that Sharpcast and Omnidrive do the same thing in slightly different ways (Hummingbird in push-synch and Omnidrive in publish-pull)
– Getting hardware independent so that where the data is stored is irrelevant. That’s what VMWare is fundamentally aiming to solve and more needs to be done.
Users shouldn’t have to care about “the data”, they care about their information. The user requirement written by a product manager in some MRD would read: “I don’t want to know where it goes, i just want it there when days / months / years from now, I go looking for it.”

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