Online Marketing as Personality Marketing

Online branding used to be about static, brochure-like, well executed but rigorously pre-defined websites. But great brands, like most people, are more than a flat dimension. People want to know more and engage the company at a different level than just a one-way read of a site. Great companies have figured how to embody their full persona, online. I’ve been collecting distinguished online marketing methods to showcase what can really be done online. [Most of our clients want to become better at this but need some examples of what can be done, and what business need it serves.] I’ve got ~ 50 + examples so far.
Here’s a great example: The online whiteboard. It’s a well designed and executed idea that lets the brand tag “imagination at work” actually become real. You can go to the site, get a marker, and then draw with friends or colleagues or anyone. You can save it, send it, etc. So you have a reason to capture an idea and then use GE to share that idea.
Good job GE!

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