Strategy has 5 Structural Elements: Process

Strategy has 5 Structural Elements – power distribution, decision-making, idea generation, ideas, process and people. Miss tuning one and you’ll fail. Add items that don’t blend and you’ll fail.

Process is the way that ideas are handled and consumed within organizations. Process defines the way that agreements and commitments are made and managed, and how well people understand what is happening and what to do.
The process-driven organization avoids wasting employee time and energy. People in this type of company reach agreement that an action is valuable, develop a process around it and set it in motion. It’s the classic definition of a fly-wheel, which Wikipedia notes is ‘a rotating disc used as a storage device for kinetic energy.’
Process may be communicated to a team in writing, by word of mouth or in other ways. Agreement is critical to the understanding of process within an organization.

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