Employees and Strategy

For many executives, the two words above don’t go together. Why? Because they think strategy is done in the C-suite.
I’m here to tell you that’s old thinking.
Life is different now. Status is less relevant. We’re in an era of ideas – and they can, and do, come from all directions. The formal, power-based gatekeepers aren’t in charge anymore.
Google is a company that gets it. They require their employees to take 20% of their time to develop new ideas – to live in a state of discovery.
Maintaining an openness to the new is important to innovation. It benefits strategy-makers because they can allow themselves to be in a continuous state of learning. And that benefits the entire organization.
Curiousity means that we hold back our concepts, our cherished traditions, even our habits. Instead, the courage to discover helps us be better business thinkers and more effective leaders. It opens us to questions that may lead to new products, different services – possibly even unique uses of our existing product lines.
People are the most valuable resource in any company. Tap into your gifts and those of the people around you and strategize your way to the top.

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