Performance vs. Behavior

We’re schooled, whether through B-school or working in organizations, in the outer trappings of success – status, money, title and so forth. How do we tie that to individual satisfaction and a feeling of success?

What we likely haven’t been taught is that the ways we create value are as important as the dollar amount that results.

Here’s an example. Susan is a total pro. A high-ranking executive assistant in a Fortune 500 company in Silicon Valley, she is a ‘touchpoint enhancer’ – someone who consciously provides extra information, a compliment or subtle deeper knowledge with each contact. She makes a significant contribution to the larger whole, it’s her individual strategy that makes a difference.

Why is this important?
Because we create value when we help others flourish in our organizations and contribute their highest talents. Creating value is what fuels business and it’s why people work. The symbols of success (title, logo, who you’ve worked for, your degrees) may be proof of success, but they don’t connect to your approach to work.

Tap into the approach to increase your value creation.

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