Superheroes R Us

You have all the power you need for the task you have ahead of you!

This talk takes you down the streets of Gotham in the batmobile exploring the stuff that made the dreams of Batman and Superman.

Far-fetched? Not really. It is ideas that shape our journeys. And being brave enough to speak out and talk about your ideas will give you the opportunity to be heard. It is the voice heard that will eventually give the idea, the dream, the vision the chance to materialize. And, voices heard, create responses, dialogues, exchanges and an occasional inside-out-of-the-box kind of thinking.

In today’s economy, what we produce is ideas. It might look like what we’re creating is software, a mobile app, or a media company. But those are just the domains in which we play. Our real work together is to create and manifest the ideas that will let us win in the marketplace. In doing that, we sometimes we play the role of “the hero” and sometimes we play the role of “sidekick”. Each role is important.

This talk is about the power we each hold,  how we must hold that power when we face our “foes”, and how to remember that the mask needs to come off at times to regenerate. Some will stumble on opposition. Some will find alliances and others will either fight or quit the battles. But it’s the power of the ideas and the beliefs that will have had their moment and the chance to shine, create and discover. So, speak up – find your voice and claim your power – it’s yours for the taking.

(This morning keynote talk was filmed too early in the morning, sometime in April 2010. The ideas for this talk are reflected in this blog post, here.)

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