Entrepreneurs at Heart

Most of us don’t call ourselves entrepreneurs unless we have founded our own business, and are quite possibly seeking additional investment to grow a nascent idea into a big idea.

And perhaps that is a good sign. It is not our title that defines us; rather it is what we do and how we go about doing it. I’ve been thinking about what makes an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs can come in many forms: of course a start-up entrepreneur can fill that role but so can the pioneer of new ideas, or (for those that live within the walls of bigger enterprises) the intrapreneur who creates change from within.

Regardless of the specific type, entrepreneurs are universally:

  • Cool under pressure
  • Driven by a vision/purpose
  • Tough when needed
  • Intellectually disciplined
  • Surrounded by committed talent
  • Supportive when required
  • Courageous in creating change.

Think of anyone from Steve Jobs to Padmasree Warrior to the gal (or guy!) you would love to create that next start-up with. They are all these things they have. It’s a daunting list, right? But then…so is leading disruptive innovation.

Big job needs big leaders. Step up. The world needs you.

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