Kick-Ass (film)
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A complete sense of being fully alive.

Showing your creativity. Being yourself. Having confidence. Feeling motivated. Getting challenged, but not too overwhelmed. Having a rich, intense sense of joy. Exuding enthusiasm. Believing and acting in a way that anything is possible.Trusting ourselves, and our ability to learn. Trusted by others. Being courageous. Knowing (and loving) yourself in all its dualities.

This is how I define Kick-Ass-Ness.

But since words can only do so much, The video above shows kick-ass-ness embodied by a 3 year old conductor extraordinaire.

May you be kick-ass, too.

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  1. Based on your definition, I was definitely in kick-ass-ness this past week. Hope to be there more. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wendy, Jeannette – isn’t it true how seeing someone else be kick-ass reminds us/inspires to do the same? You do the same to others, I’m sure.

  3. I absolutely love your connecting the definition to an absolutely kick-ass video. My daughter teaches music to kids, so I really have to share this

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