Fearless Learning

To learn, we must be willing to not yet know.

And that means we need to stop silently criticizing ourselves and others for not already knowing the answer.


When we think we “should” already know, then we spend energy eliminating seemingly conflicting data, information, opinions and stories. Only to never see what we need to see differently. It costs us success. Judgment of ourselves and others interferes with the ability to be a learning being.Which costs us joy.

To be open to a new reality… actually to be able to create a new reality… let’s set aside judgment, if only for a while.

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  1. Nilofer, I am willing to not yet know. People that know it all are not learning and very difficult to work with, don’t know, you?

  2. Cute turn of phrase Willem. I find that people who are still trying to prove themselves are often unwilling to look like they don’t know, like it’s a deficit. But then age/maturity/wisdom (hopefully) kicks in and then you realize, you’re never going to know everything and better just to own that so you can learn what you need to learn, right?

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