Who You Are Is What You Make

Sharing another talk I’ve recently done on innovation and igniting performance inside our firms.

Innovations like pyramids, paper, gunpowder and silicon are the direct result of the cultures that introduced them — empire, nation-state, kingdom, democracy, theocracy, technocracy, etc. Innovation happens when human beings have a series of ideas together that they manifest into something that goes out into the world. As people come together with clarity of purpose, it changes not only what and how we create, but the resulting flow of outputs. What are you trying to do or make? What innovation are you going for? If we can think about organizations as a function of purpose, talent, cultures — then we can manage our own success equation for developing the culture that fuels innovation.

Cisco Systems (HDR)
Image by densaer via Flickr


This talk was paid for by Cisco Systems, for their partner community. Cisco Vice President of Global Partner Marketing Amanda Jobbins kicked off the broadcast, and then moderated a conversation with some very interesting questions from the audience. Thank you to them for making it public so I can share it with you. (But, oh my gosh, do I wish they had done a freeze frame on a different image!)

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