3 Must-Reads for this Weekend #12

Welcome to start-of-work-season, otherwise known as post-Labor-day energy. If I could, I’d send you some freshly sharpened pencils. But since I can’t, let me share, some must-reads of the week. Enjoy the weekend.

Solving the Personal Innovators’ Dilemma.
This essay is chock-full-of-insight. Breaks down what learning and innovating actually looks like vs. what we mythologize it as. There is a gap between deciding to pursue something new, and having mastery. For people who want to “already know”, this limits growth.

As we look to develop competence within a new domain of expertise, moving up a personal learning curve, initially progress is slow. But through deliberate practice, we gain traction, entering into a virtuous cycle that propels us into a sweet spot of accelerating competence and confidence. Then, as we approach mastery, the vicious cycle commences: the more habitual what we are doing becomes, the less we enjoy the “feel good” effects of learning: these two cycles constitute the S-curve.

More here: http://blogs.hbr.org/johnson/2012/09/throw-your-life-a-curve.html


Being Real
We sometimes forget the impact we can have by just being our raw and very real selves in front of each other. The world doesn’t need to see more of our perfect selves, it needs to see our real selves.

But this is what moved me: We think we move through the world unseen. But sometimes (just inches away even) is someone who can hold the hard stuff with you. Our vulnerability creates a space for connection. A tender place where others are allowed to step in and offer what they naturally want to give — their comfort, their kindness, their presence.

More herehttp://www.superherojournal.com/2012/08/10/we-think-we-move-through-the-world-unseen/


Saying No.
I’m sure many of you have the same problem that I do; figuring out how to say no to all those requests that well meaning people ask of you. Here’s the list of the century of how to say no. I’m torn between which one rocks more. 33 and 38 are vying to be my favorite but #9 is actually closest to my reality. Use it well.

More herehttp://justinemusk.com/2012/08/26/76-easy-ways-to-say-no/

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