The 11 Rules Moment

I got a email a few days ago but because I was so far behind on emails, I only just dug it out. The sender asked if I could camouflage the specifics of people and organizations so he didn’t need to seek clearance, but thought it might be helpful to fellow readers of Yes & Know.

Good Morning!

I am a member of the XX Technology Executives Council (  The group represents a goodly swath of the senior IT leadership in the XX-XX area.   This month’s meeting was a lightning round approach where members sent in questions and the collective provide their insights and answers.
It was a particularly spirited session but, for a good while, the ghost of Traditional-Strategy-Past decided to join the meeting.  Particularly in discussions concerning disaster recovery–spurred by Sandy and its impact–I was amazed at some of the “It’s impossible to test” comments–especially when I and others have, in fact, done the testing this person said could not be done.  One lady mentioned how some of the research labs housed their genetically modified mice had been housed in now-flooded basements so years of research were lost.  Yet other groups shared their mice with labs across the country and therefore had a dramatically smaller impact. Rules 1 and 2 saved the day.

Having read the book gave me an almost scary change of perspective.  I suggested that everyone read the book because there were some extreme lessons that apply to our topics.  XX, a fantastic lady who is CIO of the XX-XX business school at XX specifically wanted to make sure she got the title.  I suspect that XX XX, CIO of XXXXX will look it up as well.
Just thought you might like yet another application of the mind shift.
Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Warm regards,
This gives me thanks because of course that’s why any author writes — to expand a perspective.

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