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Getting asked to speak at TED2013 was delightful, but especially because I got the chance to redeem myself from my less-than-stellar talk at TEDGlobal. I write about the secrets of getting ready for the “talk of one’s life”, at Linked In… which was a slightly therapeutic moment … a way to work through the nervousness.

Nilofer Merchant, Author, Speaking at TED2013, Long Beach, CA. February 25, 2013

In case you are interested…

TED coverage:

LA Times coverage:

Wired coverage:

And Forbes called it one of the 5 inspired ideas of the conference:

While the topical issue is certainly about personal health… remember how it came into being. It took reconciling two seemingly disparate and opposing ideas to create this solution. It was in seeing the situation anew, that a fresh answer became clear.  It seems that there are plenty of domains in the world – policy, governance, business when this could be applied. That’s the lesson … when things are in opposition, reframe. And, come up with something that is better for everyone. 

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    1. I’m sorry for not saying this earlier. But of course I should have…. Ted conference creates about 150 or so talks at the conference itself, and then curates some much smaller percentage to go online. Mine may never go up, or go up in a year. One doesn’t know, and there is some magic behind the scenes that happens to be picked if it goes live, I promise I’ll post to it here. If you are a subscriber, you’ll get it…

    1. Thanks, Bret — the three format is the hardest — and so I’m glad it was so well received.

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