Having a Body Double & So On

Hey there, and happy summer.

I’ve been abnormally quiet on the writing front, for a variety of reasons.

Certainly, speaking has been incredibly demanding, yet rewarding. I was touched by the conversations within the financial community when I did the opening keynote at the Fund Forum International in Monaco. (Being in Monaco was pretty awesome, too… ) When we can have equity and fund managers understand ways to include new ideas rather than fight-em-every-inch-of-the-way, our larger economy will have a shot at modernity. I’ve also been inspired by several ideas so big that I am having a hard time extracting one at a time. Which is just another way to say… when this damn does break, be ready!

In lighter news… a fun project that’ll be debuted soon is one that Red Maxwell and his team at Onramp Branding are co-creating with me. They are designing a new “home” for the blog. For a writer like me, it’s like asking people to come build a home for my heart. This is where I’ll live for a while. Where I can invite you — the community of Yes & Know — to join into a conversation and be a host for what happens. It is likely the place for what will launch the next big piece of work. Some people build elaborate homes with fancy kitchens so they can entertain friends. Writers and creative types like myself need amazing websites (that stand up to intense traffic loads).

In preparation for the site, we had to get some pictures ready. We had some already. But something was missing. So, today, I learned I had a body double via Katelyn in Raleigh NC. (see picture).


Which reminds me to ask you regular subscribers…

There are things that many of you have already  written to me about .. to make the blog and related newsletter more useful to you. Those ideas are certainly informing the redesign, but if there’s anything you want to make sure gets addressed, now is the time to mention it. As always you can email me directly by just responding to the (for subscribers) email. (and if you aren’t subscribed already to the blog, why the heck not? Join in, love, the water’s fine…)

Hope your summer is equally interesting.

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