On Being Seen

Now I share this talk and the personally-awkward story within it because I think it points to a real truth about where new ideas come from.
The Answer is You. Only You. But, more to the point, The Seen You.


It was filmed at Platform. A wealth of talent (including funny man Baratunde Thurston, Gov Dev Patrick, Artist Quincy Jones, Tech Exec Mitch Kapor, Dr. John Wilson of Morehouse College, and Lady Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter, amongst others.) came together to answer the question “what is the one thing that you would have people do differently to get everyone aboard the innovation economy. My answer: to see, and be seen.

After I gave this (you’ll see…) surprisingly emotional talk, on being seen, Quincy Jones came over and said, “you know what I see in you…”. Human act of generosity.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 5.32.03 PM

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    1. Thank you for not editing and leading the way, teaching us to look inside & wield our power with grace & dignity.

  2. Hi Nilofer, this is a beautiful talk. I love your recognition that the social frameworks we inherit are often hidden in plain sight. By changing the frame, we see a new reality. Seeing clearly requires both awareness and acceptance of what is. And once we see clearly, we can use our past pain as a springboard for transformation. You’re modeling that to others in a powerful way. Great talk.

  3. Your willingness to be vulnerable in such an arena is inspiring. What I heard you talking about was consciousness and evolution. Quoting Carl Jung: Those who look outside, dream, and those who look within, awake.

  4. Hello, What an inspirational talk! Being courageous on individual level inspires others – that’s leadership. Thanks.

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