Last week, someone we knew of from our church died in an unexpected car accident. Then, a friend’s daughter whom I never met but heard so much of from her father passed away suddenly. I’m sitting here struck by how much  losses — even from people we don’t know personally — affect us.

And so in no particular order, to remind myself of what is, rather than what is not… I made a list of all the things I’m thankful for…

Fall leaves and the crunchy sound they make.
Holding my son’s cold hands as we walk to school and remember that one day he won’t hold my hand.
Patagonia jackets which are help make it tolerable to walk in the morning.
The color orange. Coral, too.
Books and the way they can can both transmit an authors ideas but also inspire your own.
Long walks.

Friends who share their favorite books, in a secretive “pssst” kind of tone, like we’re passing drugs to one another.
Duck & Tuscan Beans.
Making someone’s “bucket list” item come true. (Nuno — see pic — wanted to try out Google Glass. )
2013-11-15 21.09.20
Friends who insist I start using my fitbit again so the competition can begin.
Eating lunch at Nick’s on Main.
“Dirty Chai” — chai with shots of espresso. (Like I need more caffeine.)
Sending singer-songwriter Paul Simon an email asking him to dinner.
When you send the note saying “it’s not working out” and people get it.
Being seen.
Friends who look at your very draft of content for your next book (Skip the first 3 paragraphs and you’re starting to approach the idea) without judgement.
Split pea soup on the stove.
Travel with friends.
2013-11-14 16.29.02 Or for that matter, hats. (Christine’s story about her hat is amazing — she’s have to share it at Crimson Mim).
Jello. (What is it about jello?)
Chocolate-covered orange peels.
Radio Flyer wagons and the joy they bring over the generations.
Stuffed animals.
Cashmere sweaters.
Christmas parades.
The new pope and his recent tirade on capitalism.
The term “badass” is becoming pervasive.
Donuts. Or for that matter, Milk Burfi.
An editor whose perspective I cherish.
Invitations to stay with people over the holidays.
Red cashmere scarves.
Nutcrackers in the shape of a Giants baseball player.
Embossed stationary.
Christmas Ornaments. And advent stockings.
Twinkle lights. Lots and lots of them.
Kiddo’s laugh.
Knowing that when someone is losing their grace with you, you can decide to act gracefully.
Readers who write you notes after blog posts just to say it mattered to them.
I wasn’t planning on sharing this when I made the notes, but it occurs to me that it might inspire you to make a list of what brings you joy … and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

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