Order This (the Social Era book is now a PaperBack)!

When the paper version of Social Era came out recently, I never did share the news.

I might have been traveling. I might have been avoiding that dreaded-self-promotion thing. I might have just wanted to not bother you. But I keep getting little notes asking … so let me do a fuller note.

Social Era as I call it, but named by Harvard’s pros the 9 word title: “11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era”. The ebook came out last fall, published by Harvard Press. It got named by Fast Company one of the best business books in 2012, and in many ways is the reason why I was awarded “the future thinker” recognition by Thinkers50, the Oscars of Management, recently.

In case you are interested (and I would be, since I don’t actually read ebooks) … the paper book is orderable now.

I’ll readily admit bias, but Social Era would make a great holiday gift! For…

–        The friend who feels they have a lot of potential but doesn’t know how to tap into it.

–        The family member who wants their personal values to tie to how they create value.

–        The leader who wants their organization to win in 2014! (new times, new rules)

–        The Thinker on your list. Things are changing but few of us have language to describe it.

–        Innovation junkies who want to know how to fuel growth and innovation.

Mitch Joel, bestselling author of Ctrl Alt Del wrote me a public love letter recently. In it, he says incredibly nice things. But, I’ll admit, it was when I learned he had read the book, Social Era, several times … that I cried. When I had first launched the ebook, he also said Social Era was a great roadmap for the future.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 10.40.40 AM

(It’s what every author wants for Christmas! To have their book read, or, at a minimum, at least bought.)

So, a potential gift in addition to the other gift ideas I shared a few days back.

Merry Merry!

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