Go Where There Is A You-Shaped Hole

Not a fan of Girls, mostly because I’m not a fan of most pop-culture stuff.

But over the years, I’ve seen Lena Dunham really embody her strength. For good, for not so good, she is truly herself. And this short little clip (less than 5 Minutes) embraces an idea I think each of us could use. Which is, instead of trying to be weird in a normal world, maybe be normal in a weird world. In other words, you should always go where there is a ‘you-shaped’ hole in the world. Don’t wait for permission, give yourself permission. Don’t wait to be seen, see yourself. Stop waiting for a big idea, because you can make your idea big. Instead of waiting for a place to fit in, make a hole in the world that is right for you. In other words: own that spot in the world only you can stand in, the place of your history and experiences, visions and hopes … stand in your  Onlyness. It is a position of real strength and from that place, you can dent the world.

Bonne Weekend! And, a big shoutout to @marginfades who signaled this with the hashtag #onlyness, on Twitter.

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