And The Hint Goes To….

Last week, we recapped the recent conversation that’s been taking place about finding your Onlyness and introduced an exciting giveaway from Hint.

So many of you have piped in — emailing, commenting, tweeting — to share your stories about your paths to identifying your Onlyness. Adam Pratt told us about how valuable it’s been to get outside feedback from his network about what it is exactly that makes him unique. Joel Wilson agreed, reminding us that people on the outside can often see the things that are harder for us to see in ourselves. Tom Krause echoed these sentiments, explaining how he started noticing patterns about how others perceived his Onlyness when he started listening to their ideas.

We can only pick one winner, but know that you are all deserving of the Hint prize. Join me in congratulating Jane Willis, who will receive a 3-month supply of this delicious water that contains such a “hint” of fruit flavor and nothing else.

Jane said something wise that I loved: “But perhaps your onlyness is actually also your wholeness, when you are realizing all your skills to their fullest on something that matters to you.” It’s a powerful way to imagine our Onlyness.Jane, congratulations. Hint is completely healthy with no sugars or other additives or chemicals, you will find it completely refreshing and healthy as well.  We think you’ll love it. Please get in touch with susan [at] susanmcp dot com to share your shipping information.

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  1. Yeah! Thank you. I love Hint water and will certainly enjoy the prize.
    And Nilofer, thanks to you for continuing to challenge all of us. There is no other blog I read that makes me think as deeply.

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