Your Outer World Changes as Your Inner World Does

In recent weeks, we’ve been chatting with Ruthie Ackerman about how she finds her allies, her community. The first post discusses how once Ruthie claimed her passions as her own, she could use that to connect with people like her via FB, and feel the roots of community form. Her club — based on Ben Franklin’s virtues — is being shaped into a nationwide movement. The second post discusses the challenges associated with this process. Ruthie’s journey in finding her new community meant some of her past relationships changed.

It makes sense. Change is harder than it looks because it often means a shift in relationships. As you meet new people, explore your Onlyness and nurture that Onlyness, you are changing as a person. You are trying new things which means you are not very finessed in it, and you feel awkward so you’re probably more sensitive. When you change, your relationships change. Because there’s a disruption going on. It often comes as a surprise to people, like it did for Ruthie, when that happens. Most people think “maybe I should have done something different, or better”.
But when you really think about, change in existing relationships is something that we should expect — and accept.
Henry Timms from 92Y is aware of these challenges. He knows better than anyone how hard it is to build a community and how vital it is to be a  part of one. We’re thrilled to announce that Andre Blackman, who also knows a lot about how communities evolve, has won a Skype session with Henry.
Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 12.55.16 PM

Thanks, Andre for participating in the Yes & Know community and helping all of us navigate the social era, together. (thanks also for attending the Onlyness talk at SXSW, and saying hi afterwards!)

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