The Onlyness Canvas

Regular readers of this newsletter will remember that I recently started offering Consultations. One of the options was a structured approach to answer the question of “what is my onlyness?”, offering clarity for job searches, job changes, as well as figuring out what only you can/should if you lead people. 

I am so thankful for the folks who hired me and trusted me enough with their stories and struggles so I could be of service. I was able to help them center correctly in that spot in the world only they stand, the source of their value creation.

(I have tons of new thoughts running around my brain now on where and how people get stuck in finding/naming/claiming/centering/living their onlyness, which I can share later if you think it would be helpful.)

And, I also found myself diagramming and describing the same instructions over and over again, for how to claim your onlyness.

It was to read or re-read Chapter 2 in The Power of Onlyness (specifically Kimberly Bryant’s story where I talk about the source of onlyness is in drawing meaning in the experiences and visions “only” one has) and then answer three questions. It was as I was doodling and describing the process over and over again that I realized I had a picture in my mind, an Onlyness Canvas. So I sketched it out.

I thought you, loyal readers, might like to have it for yourself. Since it’s going to be a work-in-progress template, please note the timestamp at the bottom. If you decide to work with me 1:1, you will likely get an updated version. Along with, of course, a conversation to make sure it addresses your specific needs. Let me know what you think!

The Onlyness Canvas is a tool and framework for defining what it is that “only” you have to offer and how to apply it to the world. It’s for defining and applying your Onlyness.


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