The Moniker

“Are you a corporate spy, or something?” This was the first question from the audience as I began an innovation workshop at a Boston firm. “No,” I said, “I’m not

Work 3.0: It's Not About Being in the Building

Talent is the single biggest lever of our organizations. We now have the ability to access talent regardless of where they are, and fundamentally independent of whether they work FOR

It's Not Bragging if You Back It Up

If Sunday’s night news taught us nothing else, it was a reminder of how you behave when you have a success is as important as how you behave when you’re

Love & Brands

A friend running brands for a big giant software company sent me a note asking if I knew someone who had 10 years of expertise doing FaceBook/Twitter marketing.   Anything

"Lifing" the Summer Away

I killed my company to find my life. Yes, I led a multi-million dollar consulting company that I loved. I loved the CEOs and leaders I worked with. I loved

3 Ways: Know You're A Start-Up

Culture has to be one of the most popular topics, yet analytically hard to quantify. It thus gets relegated to the “soft stuff” because there is little evidence-based research supporting

Let's not do it again

Review of web-based failures, and they had me going down memory lane. It is both funny and sad.