Ars Technica – Don Reisinger on Amazon's Kindle

Don Reisinger wrote a very comprehensive opinion piece on Ars Technica yesterday.
He has quite a wish list for the next version. But even though he covered its sales, a still too-high price, its ability to let you read more than just books, a possibly enhanced screen, tons of content available, a potential move into textbooks (big bucks), and e-Ink technology improvements, Don missed the one deal-breaker that will forever keep me from buying a Kindle.
With all the great design houses available, I can’t believe Amazon got this device so wrong. The mere sight of a Kindle is enough to start my gag reflex.
I don’t care what its technical attributes are – I’m not shelling out any amount of money for a device that looks like someone left a piece of beige plastic and a calculator on a radiator overnight.
There’s no excuse for selling good technology in a Frankenstein package – I’d hoped for so much more, Amazon!

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