Is it withholding not to “bare it all” when asked to do so by corporate, or is it wise? Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash “I’m part of a corporate

Together, In Arms

When we name a conflict well, it becomes solvable. Q: What if we recognized the Great Resignation as the Great I Am? What if just people are moving into their Onlyness and turning

Cranes In The Sky

Success cannot mean meeting all their needs while repressing our own. Here’s a “high impact” pic I took this week in Yosemite, where I wrote this essay. Dear Nilofer,  I

DIRECTOR’S CUT: Holding Out For A Hero

How does one hire for Onlyness and still get the box filled? Q: Most companies don’t hire for Onlyness. Just the opposite. Hiring is about finding a match to a

Have You Ever Seen The Slack Channel?

Given Apple’s recent ban on pay equity discussion, should we take a job there? As I interview for a new role, I notice how everyone is on their best behavior,

DIRECTOR’S CUT: Bridge Over Troubled Water

How we relate changes what we create. Q: My problem? I want to bring out the best of each of my team member’s “best,” but they themselves don’t know what

In Practice: Being Your Own Expression

Contributed by Fully Alive in Practice Writing a job description let me define how I can best add my value You advised Exceptional One that they need to stop chasing the ball


When we swallow the idea of exceptionalism, we internalize harm. Q: I’ve come from a tough upbringing and so have had to fight for near everything in my career. I


How To Rely On Another, by Design Q: My big question is, it took me a decade of being in a nurturing organization to actually realize who I was and