How Power Powers Ideas

A few months back, the Economist ran an article with the headline "We've Run Out of Ideas". And they were 100% serious. I actually said – aloud, like a crazy person –

Other People’s Onlyness Matters, Too

Wake up an hour earlier to get a jump on things. Answer all the emails because it’s polite. Spend part of every Sunday strategizing so you can better direct your

What Deep Support Looks Like

"What does deep support for onlyness look like?" a colleague emailed. I wanted to write back, isn't it obvious?! But then different stories popped to mind. Between friends, and colleagues.

Who Are You For?

A colleague had offered to take a look at my bio. I sent her a draft in a sharable doc, and she wrote back saying, um, I’m not getting it, not getting

On Originality

University of Penn Scholar Oscar Gandy said that “rational discrimination” does not require hatred towards any class or race of people. It doesn't even require unconscious bias to operate. "It

What Is Scary About Onlyness?

I lowered the forkful of duck confit as my lunch mate accused me. I pushed away my favorite dish, at my favorite restaurant as I asked her to repeat what

The Power to Innovate: Salesforce 2018 Keynote

Most of us believe that the strongest ideas will win the day. That success of one’s original ideas is some combination of sheer brilliance, dogged grit, and fervent hustle. After