Three Cups of Tea

Just finished this book about a month ago. It hasn’t left my consciousness. Greg Mortenson (a local guy in the Bay Area) tries to summit Everest and fails. The guy

Writing Must Create Context

I’m writing a book. Or, at least, I hope to be writing a book. A bunch of the stuff I’m working on now is thinking about who it serves, it’s

Blue Ocean Strategy

An incredibly popular (1M sold in the first year) book with a title I just love. Blue Ocean represents untapped market space. Written by a BCG guy, it’s a good

Ask the Question: What do you Read

Want to know who someone is, how insightful they are and what they really care about? Then stop listening to their self-promotion pitch inclusive of the mckinsey-harvard pedigree*, or reading

What is this Strategy thing?

Because all the “right” strategies in the world could be applied to any business but what makes it right for them is really about leveraging their core strengths today. So it’s about discernment certainly to figure out what is a company’s strength today. And what are they clearly not able to do. And then to look at that clearly, without bias to think about what makes sense. I suppose in some way it’s the role of a parent to a child or a teacher to a student. The parent or teacher sees things the child or student doesn’t. Not because the child is stupid or the student ignorant, but both are learning and are too close to the situation themselves to have some perspective of what true gifts / strengths / abilities they should place their leverage.

Reminder to Self: Networking is a Must

Okay, I normally don’t network. I’d rather be at home, in my pajamas with either a good book or my laptop. And networking itself has a bad rap. But I