Sales model is critical go-to-market piece

Getting caught up on reading as I nurse a cold today. An article worth highlighting. On page B10 of this (3/28/06) Tuesday’s WSJ, there was an article on marketing strategy

How is consulting different than therapy?

A client asked me this question during what was our consultation meeting: “How is consulting different than therapy?”. Great question, isn’t it? So while I came up with some rational

Great Product Management starts with…

One of the more common questions I hear from product management teams is based on figuring out why company A is successful and company B is not. Perhaps it’s that

Ways benchmarking makes strategies better

I do benchmarking all the time, but I never think that the application of all that data is a 1-size-fits-all model. Benchmarking can be useful to learn what other companies

Sweat the small stuff, sweat it all

Last week, I attended a roundtable of CEOs. And one CEO of a well-known and privately held firm provided a showcase of his upcoming rebranding effort. Interestingly, the consumer company