Lose the Judgment; Focus on Learning

son.jpgMy son, who is two and a half now learned to walk just shortly before his first year birthday. About on schedule as the books suggest.
What I find interesting in his learning process is this. At 9 months, he didn’t start comparing himself to other kids, and at 15 months, he didn’t strut his stuff about walking, and at 18 months, he didn’t get cranky about having to learn yet-another-thing like running. And the one thing I’m fairly sure he didn’t say to himself is that he sucked at walking.

Why can’t I walk? Christina can.
I should know how to do this by now ?!?
I just fell. Who saw? Aaack, the embarrassment!

But somewhere along the way, we business folk certainly do add commentary, judgment and comparison in our learning process.

We wonder why we aren’t as successful as others, as good at specific things like presenting or coaching, why so-and- so is already promoted as a marketing vp, or this colleague has just been named head of a team.

As if somehow all that added any value.
For those of you that have your own children, you know that judgment is not necessary but encouragement is.
Knowing that, why would you make fun of yourself while you learn anything?
Because it’s not the learning that needs judgment. It’s not trying and lacking courage that needs commentary. If you think you’re going to live to be 100, then starting the task of learning today is part of your story. And one day you can be better at something then you are today. What’s that for you?

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