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Mindful Work

A reporter I’ve admired for a while is David Gelles. Then someone was kind enough to introduce us, and I learned of his practice of mindfulness. He’s got a new book coming out on Mindful work, and I wanted to get his take on how this practice can help us navigate the social era, powerfully.  More

On Twitter Board Fiasco & The Time Op-Ed

Don’t tell my agent and people who expect me to be doing work on stuff I have due to them, but I read all 800 pages of Twitter’s S1. I know. I know. But, I couldn’t (or should I say, wouldn’t?) resist. Partly because I (a) love Twitter, (b) study the tech space for innovations,  More

Ecommerce Market Battleground Shift Because of Legislation

Yesterday, the US Senate passed the online sales tax bill by a 69-27 vote. The measure will shape the e-commerce space, certainly affecting Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and others.  The bill still needs to pass the GOP-controlled House of Representatives and receive the signature of President Obama, a supporter, to become law. The legislation would require  More

3 Must-Reads for this Weekend #14

I’m sitting at home coughing and coughing. After a long 40 days on the road, I am now officially sick. About the only thing I have energy to do is to read, but luckily there are some amazing things people have written. The common thread is about knowing when and how to adapt (because adapt  More

3 Must-Reads for this Weekend #12

Welcome to start-of-work-season, otherwise known as post-Labor-day energy. If I could, I’d send you some freshly sharpened pencils. But since I can’t, let me share, some must-reads of the week. Enjoy the weekend. Solving the Personal Innovators’ Dilemma. This essay is chock-full-of-insight. Breaks down what learning and innovating actually looks like vs. what we mythologize  More